Alium Progress Report: UI, Servers, and the Road to Alpha

One of many test images we utilize in prototypes.

Hi everyone! Welcome back. It’s once again, been two months since our last update. I hope everyone is doing well and that your summer is living up to your expectations. Meanwhile, this summer we’ve been pretty busy.

The last time we spoke to you all, we discussed how we were 8–12 months away from the reveal of Project Stardust. I can confidently say that we are still on track for that target. We’ve been hard at work making progress towards the future of productivity with Project Stardust.

Now, unfortunately, I still don’t have specifics for you. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have things to tell you. We’ve been hard at work refining the user experience of Project Stardust, including completing the base UI design of the project.

We’ve been recently testing concepts of our back-end services and it’s worked very well. We’re currently in the process of rewriting and refining these back-end servers to be at the forefront of efficiency, security, and most importantly, user privacy. User privacy is a major priority for us; we’ve been experimenting with several different techniques to create encryption methods that only you can access.

The welcome screen for our alpha testers. (It is not possible to apply for alpha testing.)

We’ve also been steadily approaching a testable product for alpha testing, as well as developing an entire testing portal for doing so. We’re calling this testing portal the Project Stardust Testing Portal and calling its user accounts Stardust Accounts. The portal also has a unique brand color, which we’re calling Starlight Blue (#225FFD). The branding and name of this portal are entirely unrelated to Project Stardust (which does have an entirely different name), but we wanted to use a separate name for the testing portal for potential future use with other projects.

The reason we’re being so secretive regarding what Project Stardust actually is that we’ve made the mistake of announcing a project too soon and forcing anyone excited for it to wait extremely long periods of time and sometimes it’s harder to adjust our vision when people are already excited for something that might get changed. It took us 5 months just to reach a finalized base design, we ran through several different UI variations, including some that we fully completed, to reach the finalized form.

Additionally, to be frank, this is a pretty damn good idea. We don’t want it to go out before we’ve done our proper legalese. We don’t like working in secret, but we’ve learned over time that most of the time, you need to. Sorry.

The project’s been two years in the making, and we’re very excited to see it to its completion. We unfortunately did not have as many updates as previous progress reports to showcase. This is mainly due to the same issue that the deeper we get into the depths of this project, there’s less and less that we’re able to publicly share. We’re moving faster than ever and we’re very excited about the future. Thank you so much for your continued support of the project. We appreciate your presence more than you know. Thanks again. We can finally see the end. It’s far — but we can still see it.

We’ll return again with another progress update soon. We’ll see you then!

See ya!



ceo/cofounder alium software.

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