Hi everyone! I’m Aiden, a co-founder of formerly Potatoes Development. I wanted to write an article on the plan for the company not only for those externally, but to help anyone in the future understand more of the origins as well as the reasoning for the adjustments we are making as of today.

From the outside, Potatoes Development is almost two years old and has created one bot in that timespan. Most would scoff at the number and would believe we had done nothing with our time, which was not the case. Actually, let’s jump back to how it began and how it’s been. I owned a server on Discord called Aiden’s Lounge where I would invite my friends to hang out. One of the main attractions of the lounge was a bot called Aiden’s Bot (noticing a pattern?), which had actually been my first real attempt at a bot. Too bad, the bot wasn’t built very well. At the time, I was an active member of the Minecraft Theme Park community in which there was a server called MCParks. I had previously volunteered at MCParks and met people such as Cory, but didn’t stick around long enough to make long-term friends with them. You could imagine my surprise when an MCParks staff member, agentdid127 aka Cory, had joined my Discord. I awkwardly started up a chat with him and he had offered to help me out on fixing Aiden’s Bot’s many issues.

After we talked about the bot, he mentioned a bot he had always wanted to create called ParksBot. The bot would report the wait times at a Disney theme park, which I was very intrigued by. For both Aiden’s Bot and ParksBot, for a time, these were hosted on Glitch.com. This is because, at the time, Glitch was very generous with the amount of free hosting it would give you and had yet to gain its premium subscription. In order to have a private code base that Cory and I could work on, we had to create a workspace, which we had to name for. Cory wasn’t really paying attention while I was setting it up, so when I had asked for a name, he said Potatoes Development. I then immediately found a random Minecraft texture of a potato I had on my computer, leading to the very first iteration of the Potatoes Development brand:

It really isn’t that deep. As a joke, we decided to make it the real parent company of ParksBot and future projects Cory and I would work on. We found it funny despite the lack of professional reasoning behind it. We had eventually taken on a marketing expert as a temporary worker, who had created the computer logo we would have for a year or two after.

One of the largest problems with the brand was a complete inconsistency between the logo and the name. While the name was meant to be a joke, our logo was meant to be taken seriously. At the same time, our website (formerly potatoesdev.me, now accessible at Potatoes Development (coryborek.github.io)) was filled with strange colors, shapes, and a strange font. Essentially, the brand was created on a joke. Despite this, we had continued to work on projects seriously.

Projects included several game ideas, such as a rogue-like in a subway, an open-world skiing game, and a pirate game. Other ideas included a social media app created for developers or another attempt where we’d try to gamify social media. Even some ideas came up via other means, such as a Discord bot that would do ‘everything’ (fun fact: the new name, Alium, was the original name for that Discord Bot!) or a Minecraft server recreating Mario Kart. Other more ambitious ideas included the creation of the Metaverse almost a year before the term was popular (it was code-named Project BIOS) or one idea that had almost made it to launch, but was killed shortly before, The Studio Network, meant to be the first 1:1 recreation of Universal Hollywood in Minecraft.

These ideas were killed for a variety of reasons, but the most consistent theme I found that resulted in the killing of the ideas was the inability to maximize the potential. One massive flaw that we had continued to face was that we had lacked the consistency or the tools to do the idea to the best of our ability, and that resulted in us backing out of these ideas. Potatoes Development was inactive for almost the entirety of 2021 due to the Studio Network project coming to a disastrous failure. Not only had the failure caused the project to shut down, but several internal issues with leadership handling and the bringing in of external users into the project had caused things on the server to not only fall into chaos but cause Cory and me to grow apart.

While we had eventually reconciled and gone back to being great friends, I never expected the revival of Potatoes Development. However, this period of death came to an end a few months ago when we got together on a call. This call led to the creation of a new project, Project Stardust. Project Stardust not only out-shines every idea we’ve had before, but also solves a genuine problem that both Cory and I deal with daily. Project Stardust has been in the works for a while and still is not yet even close to release. I don’t expect anyone to hear anything of Project Stardust for the next year or so. This combined with a few other projects that Stardust caused us to lead off into, has created a new realm of possibility and potential for Potatoes Development.

Additionally, Project Stardust has made its way into our daily lives and exceeds the realm of Discord and Indie Software/Web Development. Due to this, we’ve decided to also take Potatoes Development into our daily lives and also integrate it into LinkedIn. Due to this massive change in perspective and the potential for future projects, we’ve decided to rebrand Potatoes Development from a joke into a legitimate software company.

Alium. Also able to be referred to as Alium Software or Alium Development. Alium is our next foot forward, and not only represents the blooming of a flower (a play on the Allium flower) but also is Latin for “another”. While this had previously meant, “another” option for a Discord Bot when the name was invented for it. That “another” now means another way of doing business, another way of running a software company. We have different values and objectives than most, and we want to pose “another” alternative to several different ideas.

Perhaps it’ll be more clear in the future, or maybe it’ll just stay as a nice name, and hold no semblance. Whatever it may be, Alium is committed to creating some incredible new projects. And we aren’t giving up — anytime soon.

Under Potatoes Development, we had the slogan of Potatoes are Worth Killing For. This was inspired by Supercell’s Quality is Worth Killing For slogan. Now, we hold the same values as we did before. And we’re sorry for taking so long to give any light on our next projects. We’re also sorry to those who may have been interested in something previous that we were working on or invited you to help us with. However, in the words of Supercell, quality is worth killing for — potatoes are too.

Welcome to Alium.



ceo/cofounder alium software. https://discord.gg/6AaHaMv

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